Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a website?

Having your own website is the best way to communicate with current and potential customers.

I am listed on a generic website. Isn't that enough?

When people are trying to make informed decisions, having your own website tells people who you are, not just your physical location.

I've been told that having a website designed for you is expensive?

It usually is, but not with me. I specialize in non complex informational sites, keeping costs very low.

I don't know anything about setting up a website?

That's what I am here for. I handle every aspect of setting up and hosting your website. All you have to do is discuss your requirements with me. I do the rest.

We are a "not for profit" charity. Can you help us?

Yes I can. I am happy to be able to host a limited number of websites, for free. All you need, is to pay for an annually registered domain name, either through me or your own registrar. I do reserve the right to choose which charities to host.

For a web design, many colleges offer their students the opportunity to design websites for "not for profit" groups. I can forward your design request to a local college.