The pricing structure is very simple. Invoices are sent out annually on July 31st. Payments are required by August 15th. Payments must be made in full.

Cost Covers
$50 Initial setup fee for new customers
$150 ** New Design or Major Design Change fee - *** Ask about special deals
$12.50 / month Hosting, support and includes annual domain registration
$2.50 / month For unlimited maintenance **
$10.25 Domain registration (the first is included free)


Description New Customer (1st year only) Existing Customer with
basic maintenance
Existing Customer
full maintenance
Setup Fee 50.00 one time only n/a n/a
Hosting & Support 12.50 / month 12.50 / month 12.50 / month
Unlimited Maintenance included free for 1 year n/a 2.50 / month
Domain Registration First is included First is included First is included
Invoice Amount 200.00 150.00 180.00

Basic maintenance covers corrections, issues and minor changes twice a year.

Full maintenance covers changes to the website as and when required, such as specials, surveys, additional menu options, new pictures, new pages, newsletters, etc.

** Design fee is based on $50 for the first page + $25 per additional page, with a minimum charge of $150. Complex designs may incur additional fees.

*** First time customers can ask about special design discounts. This does not apply to account transfers.